Stand Number : D14

Jisc is a  not-for-profit education charity and  Govroam is  “One of our flagship services” –  A roaming network allowing public sector workers to get connected wherever they need to.

While Jisc’s primary mission is to provide ICT to education, the govroam zero touch connectivity service is aimed at the wider public sector of government, NHS and blue light services, and represents a transfer of technology from govroam’s long-established sister service, eduroam.

Govroam means that public sector employees across the UK can now travel between any participating public services’ building and connect to the network, without touching their laptop, smart phone or tablet. Once the profile is installed, the connection happens automatically. Govroam cuts the costs for any given venue of offering visitor facilities, helping them support visitors securely. This encourages collaboration and sharing of resources. It’s great for GDPR compliance, too.