In conversation with Simone Roche: fostering healthy organisational cultures

In your view, what features should an inclusive organisation have, and what steps can be taken to ensure they remain?

It’s less about features and more about the organisation living and breathing their values. The values need to be driven right from the top right but need to enable all colleagues feel able to bring their inclusive selves to work.

What particular examples do you know of (if any), of public sector organisations successfully fostering gender diversity?

Not organisation but leadership specific – There has been some great leadership and in the last 18 months Jo Miller, Doncaster MBC and Donna Hall CBE Wigan MBC both were key in driving the demise of ‘manels’ by calling out male only panels. Additionally Theresa Grant and Jane Kemp DLA Piper  have been leading the collaboration between West Midlands Womens Voice and Northern Powerhouse to drive proactivity and sharing for greater impac

You are currently exploring the future world of work. In your opinion, what should public sector organisations be prioritising when planning to future proof their operations and workforces?

At Northern Power Futures we are creating a platform to enable all voices of the north to join in the conversations about the future of the north. Regardless of socio-economic background gender sector we are creating inclusive platforms for inform or be informed about the future

With regards to leadership, what skills and qualities will be needed of leaders as the work environment changes?

  • Flexibility, agility and trust plus a dose of entrepreneurial thinking
  • Keep innovating keep reviewing and evolving

Simone Roche is the CEO & Founder of Northern Power Women, and will be speaking on the importance of “Frontier planning for workforce labour shortages and the training required for operational excellence”, at the Public Sector Solutions Expo on 20 November. To register or find out more, please click here.