In conversation with Nicky Ingham: what’s on the horizon for HPMA

Can you explain HPMA’s involvement with the recently announced Memorandum of Understanding with PPMA, CIPD and UHR?

HPMA are a key partner in the development of the MoU, passionate about raising the profile and visibility of the public and HE sector workforce innovative work and developments within the wider HR and OD community.  The HR and OD professional tends to be a cobblers child, busy looking after everyone else within the workforce often forgetting their own needs.  There is a plethora of innovative practice across all our sectors and we want to share this and indeed ‘shout’ from the rooftops at how proud we are and how much can be achieved within very stringent budgetary controls.  The creativity deployed within our sector in the face of significant and constant change is to be celebrated.

What do you see currently as the biggest challenge facing public sector workforce’s?

Workforce supply is a particularly challenge within the health and social care sector, exacerbated by the aging workforce, budgetary constraints and impact of a yet unknown Brexit.  Pay and the affordability of the pay deal going forward alongside changes in pensions.

What do you see as an emerging challenge facing public the sector workforce, that needs addressing?  

Recruitment and retention across the sector as a whole, breaking down barriers in relation to transferability of benefits to enable a workforce that can be deployed across a range of areas within the public sector to support the ever changing needs of the population.

What will be your priorities at HPMA moving into 2019? 

Focusing on the development of our workforce professionals to ensure they are equipped to support the transforming landscape and systems changes ahead which have no blueprint and provide an excellent opportunity for the workforce and OD professional to take centre stage.

Nicky Ingham is the Executive Director of the Healthcare People Manager Association (HPMA), and will be speaking on the joint memorandum of understanding between HPMA, PPMA and CIPD, at the Public Sector Solutions Expo on 20 November. To register or find out more, please click here