Red tape cuts help SME’s access Government contracts

The government has recently announced that it will be launching a new and simplified Public Sector Contract, to make it easier for businesses to bid for government contracts.

The new contract has two useful new features:

  • It removes duplication from the application process and streamlines procurement for any company supplying to government through a CCS procurement framework.

The hope is that the above will allow businesses, particularly SME’s who often lack the resources to understand and process the large volumes of complex terms and conditions, to supply goods and services to government.

Emma Jones, Crown Representative for Small Business says:

“The new CCS contract is shorter and easier to understand and takes a more standardised approach. This should save SMEs time and money when deciding to bid for CCS deals and I welcome the approach.”

To learn more about the future of public sector contracts please attend thPublic Sector Solutions Expo on 20th November 2018.