Shelton Newsham

Detective and Regional Prevent & Protect Lead

Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit

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Shelton has over 17 Years’ experience in law enforcement and is currently the manager of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Team.

He has responsibilities for:

Protect – (Cyber threat mitigation advice for public and private sector)

Prevent –( Disruption, diversion, education and support).

Shelton works alongside UK Government agencies, international law enforcement and investigation teams dealing with new attack vector’s

He works at identifying new social engineering tactics and provides Cyber security advice for staff and decision makers alike

Shelton works alongside academia and the community to identify the gifted security experts of the future with a view of educating, developing, supporting them to enhance their skills.

Shelton has spoken at number of events including Keynotes at conferences for international trade, academia, chambers of commerce and federation of small business.

As a police officer for 17 years and a sergeant for over 10 of those Shelton has extensive experience in Incident response, critical incident management, intelligence assessments, threats to life, incident investigation, safeguarding the vulnerable, public order and large scale operations.

He has a high level of experience working at a strategic level. Shelton has also received commendations for his management of serious and complex crimes.

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